Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stigmas of Society Part 3 - Super Mario Brothers

The United States of America is full of hidden messages in every single thing they make public. Super Mario Bros is a Japanese video game that has influenced not only video game creators in the United States, but it is the most played game of all time in the United States and it has influenced the decisions of its players. What most people don’t know is that this game is based on drugs and actually promotes drugs. The fact is that if you base your designs on a game based on drugs you are (consciously of unconsciously) adding a hidden message to whatever you are making and promoting drugs yourself.

Super Mario Bros has different “power-ups” like mushrooms and stars. Each of them represents a different drug. For example the Starman grants Mario invincibility for 18 seconds. It is based on LSD, which is a drug that can come in the shape of a star, and it promotes that drugs make you invulnerable. There is also the 1-up mushroom that gives Mario an extra life, this being a hidden message that drugs (mushrooms are a type of hallucigenic drug) give you a whole new life. The magic mushroom is a hidden message for steroids since it lets Mario get hit once without dying, proving that drugs enhance your physical growth and strength. There is also an obvious reference to marijuana when Mario reaches the mushroom kingdom and can climb a green plant that keeps him away from enemies and lets him collect coins which is basically a reference that if you are a stoner you will have money and no enemies.

So, if it is all about drugs, where are the dealers? Bowser is the king of the Mushroom Castle, therefore he is a reference to a kingpin. A kingpin is someone that is essential to the success of an organization. Then there are the Goombas, which are his army. Goomba is local slang for drug dealer, which again proves the drug references in Super Mario Bros.

-Naesi Goldentongue 

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